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Herbal medicine has a long standing history with many herbs being highly regarded in Ayurvedic and ancient medicines for their powerful healing properties.

PureHealthy products offer high quality 100% all natural external herbal treatments. Our formulas are all developed by Abdul Khalique, a herbal medicine specialist who comes from a long family history of herbal healing tradition and education.

You'll find that PureHealthy products truly are 'A Natural First' in any medicine cabinet. Whether you suffer with joint pain, muscle strains, body aches, sports injuries, headaches or cough and chest congestion, we are sure you'll appreciate having PureHealthy treatments to reach for first.

Produced in Nova Scotia, our proprietary herbal blends are considered effective and fast acting. We are thrilled to help people naturally cope with pain and other common home ailments. It's certainly worth discovering how your body responds to mother nature's healing powers. Enjoy the experience!

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“I have been using the oil on my wrist where I have tendonitis and it has worked wonders. I no longer have pain and my mobility seems to be greatly improved.” – Melanie


“I have suffered with arthritis in most of my joints for many years and tried everything from drugs, muscle rubs etc. but never have felt as much of a change until I started using your Herbal Joint & Muscle Oil.” – Barb


 “I have continued to use the oil that has significantly helped with my chronic neck problems. It is truly amazing and works almost instantly on the areas of pain and tension.“ – Deborah

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